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8 Years of Hard Work

After 8 years of working my butt off I was able to accomplish a feat that I consider pretty special. I, Joe Cashin aka Clobber, am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. I hold this distinction in such high regard. Anyone wearing a black belt to me is someone to look up to. I never considered being part of this group when I started training. 

After the ceremony, I received congratulations, hugs and laughs with many of my friends. My wife and kids were able to see me presented with my belt, and that really meant the world to me. I was asked by many lower  belts if I had any advice for them. I gave them some terribly generic answers at the time. As i sit here, one week after, I keep thinking about how I should've answered those questions. I've thought about it, and my advice to everyone is DONT BE IN A HURRY TO RANK UP.  Enjoy your journey. Learn, and always listen. You never know who will teach you something. I have said from day one, I don't need to be the best on the mats, but I want everyone to get a tough roll when it's their turn to roll with me.

I think I have accomplished that!!

~Clobber out

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