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NFL Draft Insights

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year. It's not for everyone, but for me, I can't think of a more exciting time. The NFL Draft is upon us, and I am pumped!! The draft represents hope. It represents new beginnings for teams that didn't have a successful previous season. The entire trajectory of a franchise can be changed by one good long weekend in April. I have been watching the draft for the last 15 years, and I see a lot of parody year in and year out. Here are some of my thoughts;

Quarterbacks - They can't be dumb. The Wonderlic test isn't perfect, but its a damn good barometer of a persons intelligence. There are a few things I don't want a dumb person doing; my taxes, medical procedures, and being the face of my NFL franchise. I've seen time and time again where an extremely talented QB is drafted high because of athleticism, and teams will ignore intelligence. This year, Lamar Jackson will be that Quarterback. He is extremely talented, but he does too much with his legs and not enough with his head. Athleticism leaves a person, but intelligence doesn't. I want a QB working within the pocket, and using his legs as a last resort. Lets look at the last 10 years of Super Bowl winners. No Michael VIck, No Vince Young, No RG3, no run first, hyper athletic quarterbacks at all. Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, hell Nick Folk, these guys win Championships. They are elusive in the pocket, and win games with their heads and arms. Don't be fooled by the flashy pick, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen will be the best Quarterbacks in this class. Josh Allen is Jamarcus Russell 2.0 in my opinion. Lamar Jackson is Vince Young 2.0.

Running Back - Quality can be found anywhere. Saquon Barkley is a freak. He's probably the best talent in the draft. With that being said, Giants, don't take him. The shelf life is too short for running backs. 2nd and 3rd round RB's can be quality NFL running backs.

OL- Quenton Nelson. NFL Hall of Famer. Big, Nasty, Strong, Smart. He is a can't miss talent, and he'll play for 10-15 years. He should be in the discussion for #1 pick.

DL- Bradley Chubb is a freak. Plays with a great motor and is an athletic specimen. Pro Bowler for sure, and he will make whatever team gets him happy.

Other thoughts- WR's who can run routes are better than athletic phenoms. Marvin Harrison and Jerry Rice didn't jump off the page athletically, but they could get open on anyone. Derrius Hayward Bay could run and jump out of the building, but he couldn't seperate or catch the ball.

CB's can be found in any round. Most of the best are found in rounds 2-5, don't draft them too high. Kickers and punters are undraftable, don't waste the pick.

Well with that i would like to announce my top 5 picks for tomorrow night;

1) Cleveland - Sam Darnold

2) NYG - Bradley Chubb (If its not traded away)

3) Jets - Baker Mayfield

4) Cleveland - Saquon Barkley

5) Broncos - Quenton Nelson

Thanks for reading,

Clobber out!!

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