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The Struggle is Real!!!

The other day I was at a seminar with JT Torres. For those who don't know, JT is the current ADCC 77KG champion. He won this prestigious tournament while also opening a new facility and teaching full time. One of my training partners asked him, how do you balance competition, work, family, life in general? JT answered explained he has a good support network, and sticks to a regime to ensure his success.

This made me think about my situation. Am I training as hard as I should? Am I sticking to my plan? Am I training quality or quantity or neither? Just thinking about this question has had a positive affect on my game. I have recently had a game plan going into practice. I am trying to come prepared and stay focused. This is hard for me though. I love to joke around and horseplay with my friends. I am at least more self aware of this. I do not want to be in a situation where I feel I've wasted my training. I suppose this is the perfect illustration of how jiu jitu isn't just a physical game, but a mental game. Two hours of instruction with a world champion

and I'm focused on this.

Until Next Time,


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