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Hug Your Folks!!!

The last month with my daughter has given me a lot of perspective. Sleep is a white whale in our household. My hope is to find it, but I'm just not sure it exists. As I sat up last night I started thinking about my parents. They have both passed, but dealing with 4 kids must have been a nightmare. Do me a favor, if your parents are still with you, ask them about how you were as a child. Now process what they said, and keep in mind that a good kid is like polite and charming serial killer. They're still pretty terrible.

I'll end this by saying, I love my daughter's. They are the greatest accomplishment I've ever had in my life, but sleep deprivation messes with your head. Jiu Jitsu and music help me stay rain. So, in the words of my favorite band, "Relax and Dream one day at a time, let the beauty of the music go and heal your mind"

Clobber OUT!!

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