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Welcome to my blog. My hope is to provide my perspective on jiu jitsu. I'm a 32 year old father of two with a full time job. I compete as regularly as I can. I travel a few times a week for work, and I don't get to spend four hours at the gym every night. I think my story is very similar to a lot of people in the BJJ community. I was inspired to write this after reading an article about 20 Year old Michael Musumeci winning the World title this year. I respect the hell out of Michael. He is one of the greatest grapplers in the world. I read this article, and it was mentioning how he is a full time student and he doesn't get to train all day while preparing for Worlds. It went to say how hard being a full time student is, and this really bugged me for some reason.

I spent time at two different schools (i transferred, was not asked to leave) and I can tell you that college is not the real world. College is the good life. You're in your prime, decimating your body with drugs, sex and rock and roll. You heal from injury in twenty minutes, and you have nothing but time. I read the article while my one daughter was fighting me to go to bed, and my infant daughter was crying in my face. I couldn't help but think that this was tough. I'd be much more impressed at the guy who can win a tournament with two young kids, and a boss that's busting his balls about not getting his sales reports done.

My perspective on BJJ and life is interesting. I'm not sure why an article about an amazing grappler inspired me to start a blog, but here we are. Some of the posts i'll make will be insightful, some will be utter nonsense, some will probably be stupid memes that make me laugh. Get ready to read the real mans guide to BJJ and life!!

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